#VOTD: Mahal ka ba?

“Do you love me?”

Take it out of the context of the Bible and these words are usually asked by someone looking for an assurance. You ask this to someone when you are overwhelmed by a sweeping emotion of love but you don’t know where to put it or where to stand on it. You wonder if the other person feels the same. You feel like you are in limbo and you don’t want to stay there anymore.

You want a place of safety and assurance where you rest your feelings at ease. You want stability. So you ask the question, crossing fingers and hoping for a positive response, “Mahal mo ba ‘ko?”

You heard a yes. But somehow you are unconvinced. You want a proof. A clear manifestation of that love, and not just because you asked for it.

Now this is God’s proof. His manifestation of love. And He gave it not because we asked for it for it is beyond our asking. We ask for sumptuous meals, nice house, beautiful clothes, an attractive and caring partner, a high-paying job, fame, glory, and power. But what God gave is so much more than that. So much more that we can’t even comprehend it. We can’t even understand it. God said, “I give you my only Son.”


Only. Begotten. Meaning there is no other. Jesus is one of a kind. He is not a man like us. Nor a man like us that was elevated to power and authority. We claim to be a child of God, but that’s only adoption. Jesus? He is a real Son. The Son. Only. Begotten. God has no other child in the same way as Him. Because Jesus is God. Analyze the texts of the Scripture, the original words used in the early manuscripts, and that’s very clear.

And to send His Only Son “into” the world? The original word for that is eis (εἰς) – a primary preposition which means TO or INTO (indicating the point reached or entered), of place, time, or purpose (result, etc.). That word doesn’t JUST mean a fulfillment of a prophecy. God literally send His Only Son INTO the world. That’s incarnation. That what 1 John 4 is saying “Jesus Christ in the flesh”.

You wouldn’t use that phrase to any man. Of course a man has flesh! What is there to believe? That’s a fact! But to say “Jesus Christ in the flesh” is odd unless it means means incarnation. God the Son, sent INTO the world. Now that’s Christmas.

And we people ask, “So what? That’s not what I asked for?”

“Makakain ko ba ‘yan? Ang hinihingi ko pagkain o pera o trabaho! Ano’ng gagawin ko dyan sa paniniwala na yan?”

We people ask too little. But God gave so much and we don’t realize it. We ask for bread so we can eat. And we ask it daily. And here God gave us the Bread of Life, which lasts for eternity. And we don’t appreciate it. We prefer to settle for less… for the here and now. As if the Bread of Life can never provide for the “bread for now”.

As if God is weak or His Arm short. As if there’s something He cannot do, or a thing that is outside His Power.

This Good News is too great a fact that it requires belief. We can settle for the less and small and choose not to believe this, insist to find our own way or work things out our way, even if we don’t know if it will work. History shows it won’t, but people are too lazy to study history. The devil is too good to persuade us out of the “boring” history into the excitement and adventure of “finding it ourselves” not knowing the trick is to find out in the end that there’s nothing there for your self.

The Good News has been given. The Son has been sent. We need only to decide, to believe or not. This Christmas, will you choose to be HOPEFUL on your own or to be HOPE-FILLED through God?

Mahal ka ng Diyos. Higit pa sa inaakala mo. Higit pa sa maiisip mo. Higit pa sa gusto mo.

This verse promises that we will live not just because of Him. Live not just for Him. But to live THROUGH Him. Do you understand what that means? Will you choose that?

Will you accept His love?

It’s more than what you really asked.

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