The Beginning

People usually wait until New Year to start their “faith” year. Sa New Year nagsisimula ng Bible plans, ng “Read the Bible in One Year” Devotionals.


Isn’t Christmas – the celebration of the birth of “God among us” – a more perfect start than the secular start of January 1?

Kahit ano naman ang preference mo, walang kaso, as long as you will decide to journey with God for another year and to walk with Him in a more intimate way. The only way to do that is through His Word, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Join us, kahit kelan mo pa gustong magsimula!

Basta commit this to the Lord! Set a time apart for God in reading The Book with us.

This is where we start – GENESIS – The Beginning of all beginnings!

The Beginning of Nations

My fellow history teachers, and history students in the past, would probably laugh at me as I subscribe to that subtitle: The Beginning of Nations. Pero “probably” lang naman. Hindi ako 100% sure. Medyo mataas lang ang chance. Mga 99%, ganon.

But I am praying na mas maliit pa dun. Pero OK lang naman, I don’t care about my reputation. Teaching the Bible did not and will not stop me from being a History teacher. For this is still history. This IS historical.

Yes, the Bible is more than a History Book and must not be read simply as one. Pero hindi maaalis yung fact na historical pa din ang mga contents nito. Whew! The terms! Historical… Fact… naiimagine ko na ang mga pangungutya. Parang naririnig ko na sila ngayon. Sana hindi nanggagaling sa isip mo.

Sa academe – schools and universities – hindi kasi tinatanggap na historical at factual ang mga information na Biblical. Napansin mo ba? Ang nakakalungkot nyan, (minsan) kahit na school pa ito na itinuturing na “Kristiyano” ‘pag pumunta ka sa History o Social Studies Department and you examine their lesson plans, the text books they use, you can observe this: “hindi tinatanggap na historical at factual ang mga information na Biblical”.

Madalas hindi napupuna ng mga History teachers, kahit pa Kristyano sila. Kahit pa ipasok nila ang mga Christian values sa dulo ng lesson, the fact remains that what’s presented as the “lesson per se” excludes the historicity of the Bible. Sa origin of Man, kasama ang Biblical Creation sa section ng mga mythologies. Is Biblical Creation just one among the myths?

Well, that’s how it is presented.

They say that’s to avoid bias. But isn’t it a bias in itself that simply because some people do not believe, you already categorize it among the myths? Kapag hindi ba ako naniwala na naging pangulo ng bansa si Manuel Quezon ibig sabihin alamat na ito?

Here’s more bias from History books – the Evolution of man is presented as the main focus. Yes, hindi sinasabing “fact” yun, pero the THEORY is being taught as it is what actually happened. They don’t even mention that it is JUST A THEORY, or that is only the PREVAILING THEORY and ONLY among scholars. ‘Pag pinakitaan mo ang mga estudyante ng fossils (evidence daw), pag-uwi nila mula sa eskwelahan na “Kristyano” ang conclusion sa isip nila ay “galing pala ang tao sa (ancestors ng) apes”.

Tapos magiging trabaho ng mga Church leaders na ituro otherwise, but then again they have lost the favor of belief to such a theory that these schools and history textbooks have given. Sa school itinuro e, therefore totoo (?). ‘Pag sa church, biased (?).

Isn’t that biased?

I want to tell you now, think again.


But as for me and my household, this is the historical and factual truth we adhere to:

1. God is real.
2. God is an All-Powerful Being.
3. Therefore, God has REALLY all the power to do ANYTHING.

God created everything. The nations began with Him and as how it was narrated in the Bible. Not by any other books, because Genesis is the one quoted by the Historical Jesus in His truthful and factual teachings more than 2,000 years ago.

If you wanna disprove the beginning of nations in Genesis, you’ll have to disprove the historicity of Jesus, and His character and claims. At hindi ako naniniwala sa “swerte” o “luck” pero kung balak mong i-disprove lahat ng yun, “Good luck to that!”

Merry Christmas and Bon Voyage in this Bible journey for the next 365 days! 😊

God be with us in this!

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