#VOTD: Will You Settle For Less?

This verse is very close to my heart. Once upon a time, when I was on the road of agnosticism leading to atheism, nung nagdududa ako kung may Diyos nga ba talaga, someone came up to me and offered a Bible Study.

I thought, “Why not give it a shot,” I am open-minded after all. But in reality I wanted to back out, but a Force was pulling me to go with it. So I did. While going through the Book of John we came to this part in John 14:6.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life!”

People nowadays, especially believers whose worship has become a regular thing, miss the value of these words. For someone who feels lost in all the problems, emotions, and burdens of this world and does not know where to go, it means a lot for Someone to claim, “I AM The Way.”


For someone with so many questions in life, exploring philosophy and science but could not get a satisfactory answer that would put all the confusing things in my life into perspective… for someone who get more questions for each one I answer through philosophy and science, thereby making my life more confusing, it means a lot for Someone to claim, “I AM The truth.”

Para sa katulad ko noon na patapon na ang buhay… for someone who doesn’t know why I should even wake up in the morning and go through the daily routine again, for someone who feels nothing – numb and lifeless like a zombie – it means a lot for Someone to claim, “I AM The Life.”

Needless to say, it felt like I was hit by a tidal wave of emotions. I cried deep inside… a cry of joy!

Oh, finally!

All those longing… all those wandering… and all those ponderings… I lost hope I could even find a way. I never thought there would really be significant truths. I never thought there would be life in my existence. But there came JESUS, making claims that no one ever did, and no one can.


Yet, people usually settle for less.

He said, “No one comes to the Father except through ME.”

He has presented Himself a Mediator for the unreachable God. Yet many still choose to pass by another mediator to Him who is the Mediator. Some people prefer another intercessor to connect to The Intercessor. Hindi naman masama. But is it necessary?

Imagine your loved one waiting for you, extending a hand and indicating a welcoming invitation. Tapos sa halip na dumirecho sa Kanya lumiko ka pa at naghanap ng ibang pagsasabihan ng mensahe para sa Kanya. As if your loved one wasn’t there waiting for you.

Why go through another way when He is already “THE” Way?

Why settle for people to interpret His Words for you when He’s just there waiting for you to come directly to Him to reveal His Truths to you? May mas makakaalam pa ba nun kesa sa Kanya?

Why devote your life and loyalty to an organization when He is bigger than that?

Jesus’ claims is also an invitation. Will you choose His claims?

Simply… Jesus’ claims?

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